Jeep teases new concept truck for Moab Easter Safari

Spring means lots of things to lots of people, but for Jeep owners, this time of year points to just one main event on the calendar: Easter Jeep Safari. This year, Jeep and Mopar have put their heads together to create another group of awesome concepts. All told, the automaker will roll out six new vehicles in the desert, including the Jeep Wrangler Apache, Jeep J-12 and Jeep Mighty FC concepts – the last of which is pictured above. We can’t say much about what the Apache will bring to the table, but the J-12 looks to pay homage to the old Kaiser Jeep M715.

Another year, another Jeep pickup truck that just might make it to production.

The truck should be as cool as can be. Speaking of awesome, the Mighty FC teaser hints to the resurrection of the long deceased Forward Control. Our hearts ache from how killer this is. All six concepts will be unveiled in Moab on March 31.


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