2015 Dodge Viper price drops $15k for 2015


We recently saw updated specs and new trims of the 2015 Viper, but it looks like the folks at Dodge were saving the biggest surprise for last. Prices on all levels of the American sports car are seeing an immediate, across-the-board price cut of $15,000; even 2014 models still remaining on dealer lots.

The new MSRP for the 2015 Viper in its base SRT trim now starts at $84,995, and when the TA and GTS come to the lineup later next year, they start at $100,995 and $107,995, respectively. The move seems like a swing for the fences that might help to quell slow sales.

Obviously, current Viper owners might be somewhat peeved that their investment was just re-priced by the company. However, to assuage some of their concerns, Dodge is giving all fifth-gen owners a certificate worth $15,000 towards the purchase of a new one, which comes in addition to the price reduction.

The latest price cut actually puts the 2015 on par with the original 1992 Viper when adjusting for inflation. Those first models carried a cost of $50,700 when new or about $86,130 today, according to Dodge.

The 2015 Viper is getting mechanical updates too with all models upgraded to 645 horsepower and a highway fuel economy rating of 20 miles per gallon, a 1-mpg improvement. There’s also the new GT trim with an adjustable suspension and five-mode stability control to split the difference between the SRT and GTS models.

[Source: Autoblog]


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