Ford GT, Buick Avenir and Audi Q7 take 2015 EyesOn Design awards


The annual EyesOn Design Awards at the Detroit Auto Show allows some of the greatest designers in the world to weigh in on the best production and concept debuts at the big event each year. For 2015, the large panel of judges included luminaries like Frank Stephenson of McLaren, Ralph Gilles from FCAand Moray Callum of Ford.

Apparently the editors at Autoblog had a good eye because the winner of 2015’s Best Designed Production Vehicle award went to the Ford GT, which was also our favorite debut from the show. The new supercar beat the Acura NSX and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe for the honor. The judges described the Blue Oval’s shape as “capturing the original GT40 in a modern interpretation,” according to EyesOn Design.

The Buick Avenir was also a big winner in the awards this year and received the nods for both Best Designed Concept Vehicle and Innovative Use of Color, Graphics and Materials. In the concept category, it beat out the Chevrolet Bolt and Mercedes-Benz F 015, and in the latter group, the sedan triumphed over Audi Q7, Mercedes F 015 and Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE. The Q7 received its own accolade for Best Designed Interior, and it beat the Avenir and Infiniti Q60 for the honor.

This year’s Lifetime Design Achievement Award went to former Renault designer Patrick le Quement, and Bob Lutzreceived the EyesOn Design Catalyst Award for the second time. The honor is for an executive “who has empowered great design,” according to the organization, which describes Lutz perfectly. Scroll down to read the announcement with more comments about the winners.



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