Free workplace charging not necessarily best option for happy EV drivers


Doesn’t the workplace provide enough conflict without charging stations? That’s what some cynics may ask after reading plug-in vehicle advocate Plug In America‘s theories on how best to deploy charging stations at work. And here’s a hint: they shouldn’t be free.

That point is especially instructive because free charging stations will incentivize everyone to recharge at work whether they have home-charging systems or not, increasing lines for charging and potentially increasing the aforementioned hostility. It’s better for employers to charge slightly more than home-charging rates in order to allow folks who can’t charge at home the chance to do so at the office while not encouraging freeloading plug-in owners who are more than able to get the job done at night.

Plug In America also suggests a mix of primarily Level 1 chargers with at few Level 2 chargers (where higher rates would be charged) sprinkled in. Unsurprisingly, PIA wholeheartedly encourages companies to provide charging stations for the sake of both green credibility and the ability to attract “forward-thinking” employees.

The US Department of Energy debuted its EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge in 2013. Late last year, the DOE estimated that about 150 company-partners had signed up, and that the number should grow to well over 250 this year.
[Source: Autoblog]

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