Ford, Petty’s Garage to build limited-edition Mustang GT from SEMA Show


The customized vehicles on display at the annual SEMA Show are often just there to exhibit a company’s wares. They are more an illustration of what’s possible by picking the right bits out of a catalog, rather than a model available in complete form. Ford and Petty’s Garage are doing something a little different, though, by putting a very limited run of the tuner’s supercharged Mustang GTs up for order through Blue Oval dealers.

The Petty’s Garage Mustang GT made its debut with a host of other modded ‘Stangs at the 2014 SEMA Show. It featured a blue-and-black two-tone paint job and a supercharged version of the pony car’s V8 under the hood. Just 143 of them are now being offered to customers – 100 in Stage 1 trim and 43 in Stage 2 form.

At a starting price of $62,210, Stage 1 buyers get the aggressive body kit from the show car, including a center-exit exhaust at the rear, trunk lip spoiler and a set of 20-inch wheels. Although the real meat of the setup is a supercharger, cold air intake and retuned engine calibration also help take the output up to 627 horsepower. Inside, customers get “The King” Richard Petty’s signature on the dashboard. Shelling out $92,210 for the Stage 2 version adds bigger brakes from Wilwood, HRE three-piece wheels and the two-tone paint job from the SEMA show car.

The boosted Mustangs can be ordered from Ford dealers, but at least one of the Stage 2 versions is already sold. Rocker and car enthusiast Brian Johnson of AC/DC bought the first one.

[Source: Autoblog]



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