Lego Jeep on eBay sells for more than some used Jeeps


Before Lego set up shop in Connecticut in 1973 to serve the North American market, Samsonite – yes, that Samsonite – was the US licensee and distributor. At the same time the luggage company had a fake gorilla bashing its bags about in television commercials, it was making European Lego sets and its own US sets. One of the European kits was the 1968 330:210 Jeep Set, with 91 pieces that built an old-school Willys.

You can find plenty of Samsonite Lego bricks and building systems on eBay, many requiring a couple hundred bucks to make a sale. The seller of this Lego Jeep, which is still in its plastic-wrapped box, topped them all with a recent sale price of $1,049.

That sum could get you an actual Jeep; cast a wide net on AutoTrader and you’ll find plenty of high-mileage Cherokees at and below the four-figure barrier. According to Brick Picker, a Lego price and investing website, they value the set at $20 or 31.73 euros ($36 US) if you’re across the pond, but we aren’t sure if that applies to an unopened set. The Lego Jeep seller did throw in priority shipping for free, though, with plenty of bubble wrap.

[Source: Autoblog]


2 responses to “Lego Jeep on eBay sells for more than some used Jeeps

  1. Reblogged this on 4Wheel Online Blog – Automotive News and commented:
    Our friends at Dick’s Auto Group just posted this Lego Jeep set selling for over $1,000. I’m not much of a Lego guy, but maybe I should be getting into the business. Over the years, there value has been surging, and they offer a wide range of automotive building options.

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