Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept celebrates brand’s law-enforcement partnership


While the auto industry’s eyes are fixed on New York for its annual extravaganza at the Javits Center, Ram is making an end-around play. The truck maker is showing a new concept at the 2015 Dallas Auto Show based on the company’s long-running partnership with the Texas Rangers (the lawmen, not the baseball team).

Exterior changes to the 1500 are kept rather light, with badging inspired by the Rangers’ iconic badges fitted to the front fenders and tailgate. The Rangers’ badge is also found at the center of each 20-inch alloy wheel. As for the white/silver color scheme, it “embodies the white hats and silver badges that the good guys always wear.”

Starting with the handsome Canyon Brown and Tan leather of the Laramie Longhorn, Ram designers fitted four, five-peso coins to the door inserts. Texas Rangers’ badges have long been hewn from the limited-issue Mexican currency, hence its inclusion in the 1500. The coins in the front door show “heads” and the back door coins are flipped to “tails.” Adding to the unique touches, a prominent Texas Rangers’ badge sits over the center console and is also embossed in the leather seatbacks. Even the dash cluster’s display shows the Rangers’ badge upon startup.

Ram and the Texas Rangers formed their partnership back in 2014, with the truck maker “aiding the preservation of the history of the renowned law-enforcement organization,” the company said in its press release.

[Source: Autoblog]


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