Moab 2015 brings Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Concept

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this time of year! Moab + Jeep = Heaven. Your Portland Jeep dealer, Dick’s Country Dodge, is excited to bring you Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Concept. VIEW THE VIDEO HERE!

  • If you’re going to take a Jeep into the brush, having camping gear is a big help. That’s what makes this Grand Cherokee exciting. Aside from the visual updates, which we’ll get to in a minute, it adds a nifty roof-mounted camper that can be accessed via ladder.
  • That pop-up accommodate two people, and folds down to a size that’s slimmer than most roof-mounted cargo carriers.
  • In terms of realistic updates that a typical Jeep owner could make to their vehicle, the Overlander is probably our favorite Moab vehicle. The upgrades are purposeful and subdued.
  • The vented SRT hood is the most obvious body mod, but Jeep designers also flared the wheel arches to accommodate the larger tires. It’s a subtle tweak that really gives the Overlander more presence.
  • This is also, Jeep told us, the first Moab vehicle to use an air suspension. It’s been lifted an inch over the standard Grand Cherokee, but retains its full range of adjustability. Again, this is a smaller change that has a big effect on the Overlander’s appearance and personality.

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