Moab 2015: Jeep Wrangler Africa Concept

What’s that, you say? Africa is coming to Moab? Your Portland Jeep Wrangler dealer is pleased to announce the Jeep Wrangler Africa concept that is coming to Moab, Utah. Watch the video here!

  • No, that’s not a Land Rover Defender you’re seeing, Jeep just modded out a Wrangler with safari-spec Desert Tan paint and a white roof.
  • It’s really, really big. Like, really big. Jeep took the four-door Unlimited and added at least a foot behind the rear axle. The result is the most versatile version of the most versatile Jeep.
  • The rear door swings out 90 degrees to the passenger’s side, allowing easy access to the Rhino-lined ample rear cargo area, even with the two-inch lift.
  • We’re digging the vented hood, which is borrowed from the higher-end production Wranglers, although at this point, Jeep has kind of overdone it with the auxiliary jerry cans. The Africa has a pair strapped strapped to the front fenders.
  • Jeep engineered a cool pop-out rock rail/side step, which opens in conjunction with the front door.
  • As for parts you can actually add, we’re willing to bet that handsome steel front bumper can be found in a parts catalog. Same goes for the hefty Warn winch and auxiliary lights.
  • Once again, body-color steel wheels are the order of the day. And yes, we agree, Jeep needs to offer these stylish steelies ASAP.

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