Dodge Charger Hellcat and Tesla Model S P85D in Motor Trend Head 2 Head battle

One has James Bond Mode, Insane Mode, Creep Mode, and, yes, Insane Creep Mode. The other has 707 horsepower and is a heck of a lot cheaper. But which one is the bigger American badass?

We figure most people already have strong opinions on the Dodge Charger Hellcat and Tesla Model S P85D, and they aren’t likely to be swayed too far in the opposite direction by another person’s viewpoint. Still, we think you’ll enjoy watching the video here. In it, Autoblog friend and Motor Trend “Head 2 Head” host Jonny Lieberman summons smoke, shares smiles, and spouts spiels about both cars, finally finding one just slightly more badass than the other.

Which ridiculously ludicrous American sedan takes top honors?

[Source: Autoblog]


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