Ford also opening up EV, hybrid patents, with a price tag


Like Tesla and Toyota before it, Ford is seeing the light when it comes to freeing up alternative powertrain patents. Of course, the Blue Oval does things differently, so free doesn’t mean no cost. Instead of making its electric vehicle patents simply available to anyone, Ford is going to sell off its EV tech for an unspecified fee.

Ford says it has 650 electrified vehicle patents and another 1,000 or so pending EV tech patent applications. Ford filed 400 such applications last year alone. To buy these patents, interested parties should contact Ford’s technology commercialization and licensing office or work AutoHarvest. Or, you know, you could just go get Tesla patents for free.

The jury is still out on whether these open patent programs are being used. The Tesla program, for example, didn’t seem to be all that exciting to most OEMs right after it was announced. Ford has six vehicles with some sort of electrified powertrain: the Focus Electric, Fusion Hybrid and Energi PHEV, Ford C-MAX Hybrid and Energi plug-in hybrid and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The only full EV in that group, the Focus Electric, starts at $29,995.

[Source: Autoblog]


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