Honda aiming for new mpg-record on European hypermile drive


Here’s a warning that there will be a Honda Civic clogging up the right lane of a bunch of highways throughout Europe next month. Honda wants to set the Guinness World Record for best fuel economyfor a car going through the European Union’s 24 contiguous countries. To do so, we can’t expect any high speeds on the autobahn.

Two of Honda’s finest from its UK factory will hit the road June 1 for a 25-day journey in a Honda Civic Tourer that will take the pair through two-dozen countries in 25 days. That means about 370 miles of very measured driving per day. The CivicTourer will be equipped with a tracking device and other telematic services, and the goal is to see what kind of fuel economy the pair can get from the car’s 1.6-liter i-DTEC engine.

Honda isn’t saying what kind of fuel-sipping figure it’s looking to achieve over those three-plus weeks, which will take the car through countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, but the Japanese automaker is shooting for a fuel economy record irrespective of any type of powertrain, hybrids included. Take a look at Honda’s press release below, and if you want to avoid or find the car en route, you can watch it on this tracker site.


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