Honda Fit EV lease drops to $199 a month, but there’s a catch


The Honda Fit EV just became a much better deal. When it first launched, Honda offered the car (in California and Oregon only) in 2012, the monthly price was $399. In 2013, the official lease price dropped to $259. Earlier this year, Honda announced that the fun little runabout will cost you just $199. The catch? For new customers, this price is only good on used Fit EVs.

You can also take advantage of this deal If you’re a current Fit EV lessee by extending your time with your car by two years for the new, lower $199-a-month price. The other limitations of the Fit EV lease – the fact that there’s no purchase option at the end of the lease and that the car itself is still only available in “designated market regions” – remain, which means that getting this particular electric car is a better deal than it used to be, but it’s still not a good Fit for everyone.


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