New fuel-cell sedan leads Honda’s Tokyo lineup


It’s time to talk Tokyo Motor Show friends, and as is so often the case, there’s going to be some weird stuff arriving at this year’s event. From Honda, we have a few important pieces of news.

Arguably the most exciting is a new fuel-cell vehicle, called the FCV. Don’t worry, Honda calls that remarkably unimaginative name “tentative.” Looking like a mix of the new Civic sedan, a Nissan Maxima (that roofline!), and a Tesla Model S, this four-door coupe offers room for five, a 434-mile driving range, and motivation from at least two electric motors. Details are remarkably scarce, but all signs point to this being a vehicle worth getting excited about.

That’s not the only big news, though, as Honda will also show off the new production version of the Odyssey hybrid. Honda

didn’t provide any images of the fuel-sipping minivan, but did let slip that it uses a Sport Hybrid-iMMD system. Again, there isn’t a lot of information, but the iMMD, short for “intelligent Multi-Mode Drive,” has been used on other Honda products before.

While Honda is also bringing out vehicles we’re familiar with – both the new Civic Type-R and NSX will make appearances in Tokyo – the company’s motorcycle arm is bringing a trio of interesting concepts.

First, and perhaps most exciting, is the EV-Cub Concept. If that names sounds familiar, it’s because Honda showed a bike with the same name in 2009. Drawing inspiration from the original (and legendary) Super Cub, the EV-Cub situates a battery and electric motor low and in the center of the body for optimum weight distribution and in turn, easy riding dynamics.

Next, we have the Neowing. Featuring a three-wheel layout with a four-cylinder boxer engine and a hybrid powertrain, there’s a lot to like about this concept’s mechanicals. Unfortunately, there aren’t any images of the Neowing yet. That’s also the case with the Light Weight Super Sports Concept, although unlike the trike, mechanical details are wholly absent, too. So for this one, you’ll have to wait until we’re actually on the ground in Tokyo. What is pictured, though, are a pair of new concepts – the Wander Stand and Wander Walker.

Again, details are scarce – if you’re sensing a theme, you’re not alone – but based on the images, the Wander Stand looks like a waiting room on wheels and the Wander Walker is a mobility scooter. Here’s hoping more info is released before press days on October 28 and 29. We’ll have much more from the Honda stand when we finally touch down in Tokyo, later next month.

[Source: Autoblog]


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