The Rock debuts in first ad for Ford

Ford has a new spokesman. Or at least it’s service department does. His name is Dwayne Johnson, but you may know him better as “The Rock.” And now he and his new patrons have released the first fruit of their new collaboration.

Called “The Specialists at Ford,” the campaign brings the pro-wrestler-turned-actor into the garage at the back of your local Blue Oval dealer, to call the shots and highlight why getting your ride serviced at an authorized dealer is important. Or at least, so Ford and Johnson would like you to believe.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be in partnership with Ford as their spokesman for service,” said Johnson. “My relationship with Ford began when I was 15 and bought a classic ’77 blue Thunderbird as my first car – and I’ve been a Ford man ever since.”

The ads are hitting TV today, and are soon to be followed by additional spots on radio and online. Expect to see, hear, and, um… smell more of what The Rock has cooking for Ford in the coming years. Because this is just the start of a long partnership.


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