This is the Prius-fighting Hyundai Ioniq fully uncovered


Hyundai has thus far released a few teaser sketches to give us an idea of what its new Ioniq will look like, but this is our best look yet at the finished product. Spied completely undisguised during a video shoot, the forthcoming Ioniq looks pretty much exactly as you’d expect a dedicated electrified vehicle from Hyundai to look like.

The Ioniq represents Korea’s take on the four-door hybrid, ready to do battle with the likes of the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt. Hyundai will offer three powertrain options, including a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full EV. The internal-combustion engine is expected to be a 1.6-liter inline-four, slotting in between the gasoline engines on the Volt (1.5 liters) and Prius (1.8 liters). It will be paired to an electric motor, and only Hyundai will let customers eliminate the ICE from the equation altogether – much like BMW does with the i3 – to more closely rival the Nissan Leaf instead.

The front end looks distinctly Hyundai, while the tall tail closely follows the aerodynamic lead set by its rivals. And from what we can see so far, it looks like rearward visibility will be somewhat constricted by a high rear deck and small rear window.

Earlier spy shots showed camouflaged prototypes with interiors that looked fairly similar to those on the Elantra and Sonata. Hyundai’s most recent teaser renderings, however, showed promise for something more distinctive. One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as the Ioniq is slated for unveiling in South Korea next month ahead of its motor show debuts in Geneva and New York in March and sales debuts later this year.

[Source: Autoblog]


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