2016 Honda Civic Coupe in Portland is a functional, fuel-efficient fastback


Listen, everyone was all excited when Honda introduced the new Civic Sedan, because it was a huge step forward over the previous generation. But while everyone was busy praising the new styling, more refined interior, and turbocharged engine, they were secretly pining for a more literal translation of the New York Auto Show concept car. People wanted the Civic Coupe. We wanted the Civic Coupe.

And ahead of the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda has delivered. The new Coupe shamelessly apes the Civic Concept from New York, featuring a similarly svelte front end. In back, the fastback roofline and overarching taillight compete for attention without appearing busy or unnecessary, while the profile presents a more rebellious take on the greenhouse and character lines of the current Accord Coupe.

Like the Civic Sedan, the Coupe gets an overhauled interior that puts emphasis on material quality and focuses on tech. That includes soft-touch, contrasting details, as well as more practical stuff like the optional TFT main gauge and seven-inch touchscreen display.

Expect the powertrain options to mirror the Civic Sedan, with a naturally aspirated, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder as a base entry and a turbocharged, 1.5-liter four-pot as the higher-end engine. Outputs and fuel economy figures are identical to the four-door Civics, while CVTs remain the transmission of choice – the only way you can snag a manual box is with the 2.0-liter engine. If you were one of the fans hoping Honda would see the light and at least offer the turbo with a manual trans for Coupe buyers, we understand that this is rather devastating news. We feel your pain. And we’re sure you, like us, are looking forward to sportier iterations of Honda’s little coupe, specifically the Si and Type R.

Honda has provided an array of images of the new two-door, although you can count on our live images in the near future.



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