Honda Civic Coupe to join 2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross season


Red Bull Global Rallycross is about to get another competitor. Honda has announced that it will campaign the 2016 GRC season with its new Civic Coupe, and rather than just put out a press release, it’s gone ahead and given us a look at the two-door’s racing livery. Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Subaru – be prepared.

Based loosely on the production Civic Coupe, Olsbergs MSE and Honda Performance Division put in the wrench time to turn the ho-hum standard road car into a 600-horsepower, all-wheel-drive monster that can hit 60 in a hypercar-humiliating 1.9 seconds. And like all GRC cars, it will have no trouble managing some serious jumps. Piloting this hilariously potent coupe will be Sebastian Eriksson and 2014 series champion Joni Wiman. Wiman is Finnish, so his GRX championship should come as no shock.

We have to say, compared to the GRX cars found in Europe, this Honda Civic looks remarkably tame. We’d have no issue visualizing the body tweaks on this racer on a production Civic Type R. Then again, we’re comparing it with the last big-time GRX entry we heard about – Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS, which is running in FIA rallycross.

According to Honda, OMSE and HPD will have the Civic Coupe GRX car ready for the season opener on May 21 and 22 at Phoenix’s Wild Horse Pace Motorsports Park.

[Source: Autoblog]


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