Honda Civic Type R against CBR1000RR in one-lap track battle

Honda is trying hard to claw back the performance-oriented image it gradually lost over the years, one little bit at a time. One of the biggest steps in that rejuvenation yet to reach the public is the latest Civic Type R, but it isn’t available in the US – at least not yet. The turbocharged hot hatch is in the UK, though, and to see what it’s got Auto Express has a one-lap race ready against a CBR1000RR Fireblade SP sport bike. To help their lap times, professional racers are piloting both the bike and the car.

With 306 horsepower on tap, the Type R is certainly no slouch, but it gets an extra advantage here with a 10-second head start off the line at the Rockingham International Circuit for this battle. Will that be enough to erase the power-to-weight advantage of the sportbike? We’re not going to spoil it for you. Watch the video HERE to see the classic two-wheels-vs-four battle play out, one more time.

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