Car Club USA: Moab Jeep Jamboree

Today Autoblog is excited to premiere its latest original video series, Car Club USA.

Car Club USA’s debut episode features the Just Jeeps club of Omaha, including a father-son duo traveling to Moab, UT to brave the treacherous trails. Brian is behind the wheel, as his father guides him through the most dangerous geographical features Moab’s red desert has to offer.

Joining them are Gene and Jean, an older married couple from Minnesota whose modified Jeep Wrangler – like its owners – knows no bounds. “We’re in our seventies now,” explained Jean. “We could be sitting at home in a rocking chair watching TV, but we’d rather do this.”

Also hitting the trails is Matt, a Californian who looks to pay homage to his father by exploring southern Utah in a World War II-era Jeep Willys. “This was our stomping ground,” said Matt. “That’s why I chose to come to Utah for my big vacation this year, in his memory, to see some of the places we used to go together, and have fun and do some Jeeping.”

[Source: Autoblog]


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