Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge is the Harley rider’s Jeep


Well, here’s a thing. Yes, it’s a Jeep Renegade. Yes, it has flames on it. And no, we aren’t really sure how to feel about it.

This is the Renegade Hell’s Revenge. Presumably named after the Hell’s Revenge Trail in Moab, this one-off baby Jeep is the product of Italian tuning house Garage Italia Customs and draws inspiration from the collected works of Harley-Davidson. It’s not the first time a car company has attached the Milwaukee icon’s badge to one of its vehicles – the company has a long history of partnering with Ford for special edition pickup trucks – but it’s the first time we can recall the brand teaming with Jeep.

The Hell’s Revenge was created because of the 25th annual European H.O.G. Rally, a big Harley-Davidson festival being held in Portoroz, Slovenia this weekend. And since Europeans have a bizarre infatuation with Harleys, Jeep probably saw an excellent advertising opportunity and slotted the off-road brand in as the event’s main sponsor.

We have to admire the workmanship on this diesel-powered Renegade. Ignore the fact that there’s a flame motif, and the actual paint job itself is absolutely lovely. According to FCA’s official release, GIC used four layers of matte paint before applying fluorescent paint. The dashboard also gets a bright, exuberant flame motif, while the seats are a combination of Foglizzo Nappa leather and black denim.

The functional changes are minor. BFGoodrich tires and a jacked-up suspension provide extra capability, and there are a pair of adorable LED spotlights ahead of the two A-pillars.

[Source: Autoblog]



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