Mopar makes the Ram Rebel even more macho for 2016


Mopar is making the 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel a little more badass and charging a lot more money. This is the Mopar ’16 Rebel. Customers that snag one of the 500 special-edition Rebels get some nifty visual upgrades from the Mopar catalog. The truck’s plastic flares are bigger, and the “performance” aluminum hood comes with a big, matte-black decal. It’s a macho truck.

These special-edition Ram Rebels only come in two colors – Flame Red and Brilliant Black – and we’re not really sure if the Mopar’s traditional blue highlights work well on the red version. The dark hue ought to look the business, though. Either shade goes well with the standard 17-inch black wheels and black skid plate on the front bumper – the normal Rebel’s skid plate is silver.

Those are just the standard Mopar accessories on this special edition. The aftermarket division will happily sell Rebel drivers more performance-oriented mods, including a cold-air intake or cat-back exhaust for the Rebel’s standard 5.7-liter Hemi V8.

Even if you choose to pass on those upgrades, you’re still paying at least $52,460 for the Mopar ’16 Rebel. The basis for this truck, the 1500 Rebel 4×4, starts at $46,395, or $6,065 less than the Mopar special edition. While the body changes are cool, there’s not enough here to warrant that kind of premium. The Mopar 16′ Rebel will arrive in dealers later this summer.

[Source: Autoblog]


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