We want a Hyundai with this N prototype’s crackly engine

Hyundai produces quality, mainstream machinery, but with the exception of the Genesis Coupe and Veloster Turbo, it hasn’t brought many enthusiast-oriented vehicles to the table. Hyundai plans to change that with their in-house performance brand, N. The group will develop race cars and high-output versions of production cars, and if this prototype video is anything to go by, Hyundai N products will sound fantastic.
The video shows what looks to be a Hyundai i30 hatchback, which we get in the States as the Elantra GT. And it sounds wonderful with a cackling, popping exhaust reminiscent of a rally car. Hyundai has not confirmed whether we will get this car or engine. We wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get the car, since a new generation Elantra hit dealers not long ago. As far as the engine, we certainly hope we will get it eventually, whether it’s in an Elantra or something else – Veloster N anyone?

Either way, we will get a slightly hopped-up Elantra Sport soon. Hyundai showed the Korean-market Avante Sport recently, which Hyundai confirmed would become the US-market Elantra Sport, more or less. It will feature the same 201 horsepower engine of the Veloster Turbo, and if it sounds even half as impressive as the i30 N prototype, it should tide us over while we wait for our own N-badged model.

[Source: Autoblog]


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