Meet the man with 6,000 Ford Transit vans

While we’d wager the vast majority of people in the world don’t spend their days dreaming about vans, Peter Lee is clearly not one of those people. This is because Peter Lee is a man with a passion for the Ford Transit. And his collection of 6,000 vans backs that up.

In the video, Lee explains this passion began when he was young and bought his first Transit to drive to Spain. Over time, he accumulated brochures and other memorabilia, and it snowballed into the massive collection he has today. Now it has completely overtaken the second floor of his house and spills down the stairway. He’s showing no signs of stopping either.

“I’ve never, ever curbed myself in any way, shape or form,” Lee says in the video, as he browses more die-cast vans for sale online. Hey, everybody’s got to have a hobby, right?

Most of his collection consists of die-cast cars of all sizes and configurations. Beyond that he has mugs, Frisbees and even an awesome custom ’70s Transit cookie jar. He also has a few fullsize vans as well, one of which is an actual custom, ’70s-style Transit. Instead of cookies though, this one holds a dispenser with Jack Daniels whiskey (gotta have priorities). So check out the video to see some amazing collectibles and discover the passion that even the humblest of cars can generate.

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