The glorious return of the Civic Type R


This is it Honda fans, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. This is the new generation Civic Type R that will finally come to the US. Or at least it pretty much is. Technically this is still a prototype, and the production model will be shown early next year. However, based on Honda’s recent Civic “concepts,” you can rest easy knowing nothing major is going to change.

The biggest change you’ll probably see is in paint finish. The concept here has been given an interesting brushed aluminum-look vinyl wrap. If you’re really have to have it, there’s probably a decal shop nearby that could hook you up.

Moving past that, the Type R takes the standard hatchback and adds aggression rather than lightness. The front bumper is widened with extra slats, along with the fenders front and rear. It also gets a deeper chin spoiler in bare carbon fiber with a red accent stripe. Up on the hood is the intriguing addition of a scoop. We assume it’s functional, and we imagine it feeds a top-mounted intercooler like the scoops on the Subaru WRX and last Mazdaspeed3. According to rumors, the engine under the scooped hood could produce as much as 340 horsepower.

The sides of the car also get carbon fiber side skirts to go along with the front spoiler. The widened fenders accommodate fat wheels shod with 245 width tires. This leads to the back where the Type R once again receives an over-the-top rear wing, which we assume to be just as functional as the last one.

The rear of the Type R also gets one more cool feature. It has functional, triple tailpipes, just like the Ferrari 458 Italia and the F40. Honda also brought attention to the exhaust by painting the center pipe red. We don’t yet know the exact purpose of the third pipe, but we’re excited to find out.

As previously mentioned, this is just a “concept” and the production model will be shown early next year. After that, the Type R will be released in Europe first during the second half of 2017. US availability has not been announced yet.

[Source: Autoblog]


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