The 2018 Dodge Demon sounds like nothing else on the road

The Dodge Demon seems to have a torque problem, if making too much to easily contain can be considered a problem. In order to keep all that twist under control, the Demon has a new torque reserve launch system that works all sorts of engineering black magic to build boost without overloading the rear tires and brakes. That system, combined with the sticky Nittos and the fancy new suspension, should lead to some pretty spectacular 60-foot and 1/4-mile times.

The way the system works is relatively straightforward. A bypass valve on the supercharger closes, “prefilling” the blower. In order to balance revs and torque, the computer can adjust fuel flow and spark on individual cylinders. The torque reserve kicks in when Launch Mode is initiated and the engine is turning at least 1,000 rpm. The goal is to reach peak boost quicker while efficiently putting down power.

The side effect is a distinct exhaust note, which Dodge admits may make it seem like the Demon is broken. That seems to be the root of the “If you know, you know” tagline that the automaker has been using since the first teaser. Those interested can even download a ringtone, which might make it seem like you have a blown-out speaker on your phone. You can get a brief taste in the latest teaser video.

The license plate photo is another equation or code. This one, 3.9+221=405, is just as cryptic as the others. Look for more news and hints at in the weeks leading to the Demon’s reveal.

[Source: Autoblog]


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