Honda Civic Type R sounds as angry as it looks


The new Honda Civic Type R was just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s the first Type R to make it to the United States, and it’s the fastest and most powerful Civic version to be sold here. As an appetizer, Honda has released this video that showcases the turbocharged Type R sound. It’s hungry, it’s gurgly, it’s aggressive: it’s nothing less than the car’s exterior design in audio form. You need to wait until the end of the nearly minute-long video to hear it, though.

The engine in the new Civic Type R makes all of 306 horsepower from its Ohio-built 2.0-liter engine. Interestingly, the same engine was also used in the previous iteration built from 2015-2016, despite that generation not being sold in the US. So, in a way the engine finally returns to America after being sent away to UK.

The Type R will debut on the US side of the Atlantic at the New York Auto Show in April. That’s probably when final pricing will be announced and cars will also start reaching dealerships.

[Source: Autoblog]


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