Here’s our first look at the next-gen Jeep Wrangler interior


After 10 years on the road, the current Jeep Wrangler JK is finally being put out to pasture. As expected, the new Wrangler is going to look a hell of a lot like the current model. Surprise, surprise. Until now, all we’ve been able to do is glimpse the occasional spy shot or well-done rendering. Our spy photographers finally managed to capture photos of the much-needed update to the interior.

Like the exterior, the new interior isn’t a huge departure. The overall design, unsurprisingly, is a mix of Jeep Renegade and outgoing Wrangler. All the switches and knobs are still on the center stack, necessary when the doors aren’t permanently attached. There are four auxiliary buttons in the bottom-right corner and what looks like electronic controls for the four-wheel-drive system and detachable sway bar on the left. The materials look to be a higher quality than the one in the current model, but a full judgment will have to wait until we literally get our hands on it.

A presumably body-colored panel runs the width of the dash, with big, round vents flanking the latest version of FCA’s wonderful UConnect infotainment system. The steering wheel appears to be an even newer design than what’s currently inside Jeep products, with a large, thick rim and the usual smattering of buttons. A tight close-up shot gives us a glimpse of the removable roof, though it’s not enough to show how it works.

There isn’t much new to see on the exterior. The Wrangler’s front and rear are still heavily camouflaged, and the entire body is covered in a detail-hiding wrap. The debut is drawing ever closer, so look for a full debut sometime in the next few months.


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