Honda to show off conceptual new Ridgeline truck at SEMA


The SEMA show is coming up fast, and Honda is not about to miss out on the festivities. To that end, the Japanese automaker has announced a raft of customized vehicles it’s bringing to the tuner expo in Vegas early next month.

Potentially one of the most enticing debuts will be the Ridgeline Desert Race Truck. Following the preview sketch (seen above) of the next-gen pickup released at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, the new concept is set to give us an even better glimpse at the 2017 model of the four-door, short-bed crossover pickup to come. The vehicle’s debut will also mark the factory’s return to off-road competition, which ought to come as a welcome development for racing fans.

The Ridgeline won’t be Honda’s only debut at the SEMA show this year, however. There’ll also be four modified versions of the HR-V compact crossover, each customized by a different American aftermarket firm, and custom takes on the CR-Zhybrid, Civic sedan, and Pilot crossover. Look for the Powersports and HPD divisions to showcase their latest at the event as well, while the Acura division does its own thing.

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Ford spices up its hot hatchbacks for SEMA


Ford hopes to bring 50 customized cars to SEMA, and the latest additions to the lineup include one Ford Fiesta and five Focus hatchbacks. Some look like rally machines for the road while others just sport a fancy paint job.

The lone Fiesta ST is built by Tucci Hot Rods with a custom wide-body kit. It has been lowered, and retains the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine but now features an upgraded turbo, custom exhaust system, as well as a Cobb Accessport V3 ECU upgrade. The clutch has also been updated with a Spec Stage 4 kit.

The customized Focus models include: a 2016 Focus ST by Blood & Grease with a matte black paint job, a 2016 Focus ST by Cinemotive Media with fender flares and performance upgrades from Mountune, a 2016 Focus RS with an updated twin-scroll turbo kit and a gray and orange paint job by Full-Race Motorsports, as well as a 2016 Focus RS by H&P Special Springs/Stanceworks with rally-inspired graphics.

The most promising hatchback, to us, is the Focus RS by Roush Performance. The more aggressive body kit gives the hatchback a more menacing look, while Roush’s shortblock assembly, performance calibration, and improved cooling system bumps power up to 500 horsepower.

Ford already revealed its modified Mustangs, Fusions, and F-150s for SEMA earlier this month, which leaves its crossovers and SUVs as the last vehicles to get the SEMA treatment.

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Hyundai’s Santa Fe for SEMA has 1,040 hp and rear-wheel drive


Bisimoto, working with Hyundai, will not disappoint at SEMA this year. Continuing its tradition of absurdly powerful versions of ordinary cars, the company will show off a Santa Fe with 1,040 horsepower. Not only that, but this crossover, named “Santa-Fast,” also sends that power through a six-speed manual to the rear.

To create this monstrous machine, Bisimoto started with a normal 3.8-liter Hyundai V6. The company then completely rebuilt the engine with forged pistons, stronger connecting rods and more aggressive cams. After that came a pair of Turbonetics turbochargers that can reach a peak pressure of 39 psi. That’s a lot of boost, and in turn a lot of power, so the computer limits boost in certain gears to help with traction and, you know, not totally destroying the tires.

Connected to this engine is a mix of other Hyundai parts, starting with a six-speed manual transmission from a Genesis Coupe R-Spec. The power then goes back to a differential from a Hyundai Equus. This differential resides in a completely new, custom rear subframe built by Rothfab.

The rest of the crossover is fairly standard SEMA fare. It gets a flashy livery, big Buddy Club brakes, Fifteen52 wheels, KW coil-over suspension, a roll cage and Momo racing seats. It’s a solid looking package, and we can’t wait to see more photos of this nutso build. That being said, Bisimoto’s other project, a Hyundai-powered 911, could give this Santa Fe a run for its money.

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Ford previews custom Mustangs for SEMA


Ford is continuing its relentless march toward SEMA with a variety of modified Mustangs. Each of the eight examples to be presented at the tuner show in Las Vegas next month has been customized by a different aftermarket firm. And each takes a decidedly different approach towards the Blue Oval’s pony car.

Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti has worked up a law-enforcement version of the Mustang billed as “the sexiest police vehicle you will see outside of Dubai.” Another of the more enticing of the octet has been done up by Bisimoto. The blacked-out Mustang packs the turbocharged EcoBoost engine tuned to deliver a massive 900 horsepower thanks to an extensive list of modifications inside, out, and under the hood.

Motoroso’s take on the pony car packs a supercharged V8 good for 727 horsepower with an eye-catching white paintjob with carbon aero kit and red wheels. TS Designs has done up a convertible with a widebody kit and red paintjob. MAD Industries has taken on a Mustang GT convertible in black and bright blue with a 725-horsepower supercharged V8.

Ice Nine Group takes its inspiration from DTM and the new Shelby GT350R in white with blue wheels, an aggressive body kit, and an EcoBoost engine good for 475 turbocharged horsepower. CGS has given its Mustang convertible a white paintjob with red racing stripes, oversized wheels, and a red leather interior. Finally Bojix Design has coated its fastback in Lamborghini white with black and orange trim.

The array of Mustangs join the previously revealed examples of the Edge, Explorer, and F-150 pickup. Expect Dearborn to reveal modified examples of additional models before the doors open in Las Vegas next week.

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Ford bringing custom F-150s from Roush and Galpin to SEMA


In preparation for this year’s SEMA show, Ford has been focusing first and foremost on its trucks and crossovers. We’ve already seen previews of what it has in store for the Edge and Explorer. Now the Blue Oval automaker is giving us a taste of a slew of seven customized F-150 pickups it’s preparing for the Vegas tuner expo.

At the top of the list is a two-tone black and blue Ford F-150 with the EcoSport engine and, intriguingly, a six-speed manual. MRT has given the truck a full workover, from remapping the turbo boost to fitting a full roll cage with race seats and five-point harnesses. Leer took a very different approach with the Outdoorsman edition, based on a SuperCrew with a matching covered bed, gloss blue paint, lifted suspension, and knobby off-road tires. Roush naturally went the on-road performance route with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 pumping out 650 horsepower, with a dropped suspension and dramatic red, white and black livery.

CGS went “glamorous” with silver paint and red accents. Airdesign USA did up its own sort of Raptor geared for off-road performance (albeit without substantial performance upgrades). Forgiato meanwhile supercharged the V8 like Galpin did but with a rugged approach like Airdesign’s. And last but most definitely not least is the Gulf-style livery applied by Galpin Auto Sports to its widebody SuperCrew.

Each most definitely has its own character, and goes to show just how many directions owners and aftermarket modifiers can go with America’s best-selling vehicle. Scope ’em each out video.

Ford Explorer goes sporty and spicy for SEMA


Ford is bringing a whole mess of custom crossovers to SEMA this year. We saw a few modified Edge Sports last week, but now it’s time for its bigger brother to shine. To that end, Ford is showcasing a trio of Explorer Sport crossovers it’s preparing for the Vegas tuner expo.

The orange All Star Performance model is designed as “the ultimate road trip vehicle no matter the destination.” Mechanical upgrades include a new exhaust and intercooler, 2.5-inch lift kit, 29-inch ADV.1 wheels with Toyo off-road tires, and Baer brakes. It’s visually distinguished by its custom orange paint job, Thule roof basket, LED light bars front and rear, and an interior done up in suede and leather with a Sony audio system.

It’ll be joined by the rather dramatic Project Wanderlust, an Explorer Sport done up in burnt orange metallic and black. It’s got a carbon-fiber wide-body kit, custom lighting, a lowered suspension, and 15-inch brakes inside 24-inch wheels with Toyo Proxes tires. The engine’s been upgraded with numerous components, as has the interior.

The white model has seemingly been done up to resemble a Range Rover with a high-contrast two-tone paint job. It also rides on 24-inch wheels, clad this time with Pirelli Scorpion rubber and held up by an Eibach suspension package. The engine has been enhanced as well, but the bigger deal is the inside treatment that gets white-stitched black leather and suede trim on everything – along with aluminum pedals, special floor mats, tinted windows, custom lighting, upgraded infotainment system… the works.

Finally there’ll be an amped-up gold version with a lowered suspension, 20-inch modular wheels, red-line sidewall tires, a modified front end, Katzkin seats, and more.

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Ford Edges its way to SEMA

Tjin Edition will show a street performance version of the new 2015 Ford Edge Sport at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

Tjin Edition will show a street performance version of the new 2015 Ford Edge Sport at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

Ford is gearing up for this year’s SEMA show with an array of over 50 vehicles being prepared for the aftermarket expo. And you can bet they’ll come in every shape and size. What Dearborn is focusing on at the moment, however, is the Edge.

In preparation for the Las Vegas show, Ford is giving us a preview of three takes on the crossover – each prepared to give the Edge Sport a different character. The baby blue example is called the Tjin Edition. Aside from the Axalta Clipper blue paint job, it’s got new headlights, 22-inch modular wheels with Falken tires, air suspension, Baer brakes, a new intercooler, custom exhaust, and a refitted interior.

More to our liking is the red example dubbed Ignition. It’s got a custom red and black paint job, full carbon-fiber aero and engine kits, enlarger lower grille, tinted glass, 22-inch monoblock wheels with Toyo Proxes rubber, a new sunroof, and a leather interior. The engine has been thoroughly reworked with new components from the likes of Webasto and JMS, along with a K&N air filter and MRT exhaust. It also gets H&R springs and Rotora aluminum brakes with ceramic pads.

Finally, the Vaccar edition is done up in silver with orange accents. Its stance also benefits from 22-inch wheels, shod with Continental tires and riding on a full air suspension. In addition to the custom paint and suspension, Vaccar redid the intake and exhaust as well as the retrimmed interior.

There will be plenty more from Ford and other automakers with SEMA fast approaching.

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